AMD has announced that it is launching a new series of Embedded processors (CPUs) called G-Series. The main difference with the E-Series “Fusion” processors that we covered during CES is that it does not contain the integrated graphics processor on the chip’s die. To give you some context, AMD named its CPU+Graphics chips “Fusion” because both functions was on the same silicon die.

The goal for removing the graphics from the chip is to make it even lower power (5W to 18W) than the already low-power E-Series that we liked very much. What is this for you might ask? It would be used in hardware that doesn’t require to be connected to a display. Think of industrial machines, storage devices, robots and things like this that would happily use a graphics-less dual core 1.4GHz CPU that consumes very little.

The processors will be called G-T24L (1-core, 800Mhz), G-T30L (1-core, 1.4GHz) and G-T48L (2-core, 1.4GHz).

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