We know just how crowded it can get when it comes to sitting on a train in Japan during rush hour, and without the segregation of gender, it is bound to happen that some less-than-sane folks are going to use that as an excuse to grope their way through the rest of the passengers during a journey. Keio Electric Railway intends to do something about it by introducing surveillance cameras in one of its trains in Japan, hoping that this will act as a deterrent against commuter groping. Keio will install a quartet of cameras in the ceiling of one of their 10-car trains on the Keio Line, and will intend to install additional cameras on other trains as well later this month. All recorded evidence can be used as evidence against the perpetrator when handed over to the authorities. Keio isn’t the first railway to install onboard cameras though, as East Japan Railway started using them on the JR Saikyo Line in December a couple of years ago.

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