AirPlay logoAccording to some reports online, Apple is planning to expand the AirPlay function of their iOS devices to include streaming video to TV sets. Currently AirPlay allows users to stream audio from their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices onto devices that support AirPlay which is limited to a number of music players and Apple TV set top boxes at the moment. If TV sets support the streaming of video via AirPlay, it would open up a whole new world of media streaming for Apple and its consumers. Manufacturers would be able to create TV sets that support AirPlay – a feature that could drive sales especially among iOS consumers which would benefit both Apple and electronics manufacturers. With Apple TV not doing so well, AirPlay supporting video could also lead to the increase of consumers purchasing video content off iTunes, again benefiting Apple. Sounds like a good business decision if you ask me, and with the foundation of AirPlay already set, it shouldn’t be too hard for Apple to let manufacturers include video support in their TVs. What do you think about the possibility of AirPlay-enabled TVs?

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