Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover modified to fit original iPad

Apple really threw a surprise when they announced the iPad 2 by introducing the Smart Cover, a protective layer of sorts while helping your new tablet stand out from the rest of the crowd. What about those millions of original iPad owners who realized that they are now in possession of the second coolest tablet on the planet? We guess this is where the saying comes in, “necessity is the mother of all invention.” The enterprising human mind, coupled with willpower and some DIY knowledge, has resulted in the Smart Cover being modified (some say hacked, but we don’t want to be too liberal with that word) to fit the first generation iPad. All that was required was the fitting of a quartet of rare-earth magnets to the side of the iPad’s flat edge using super glue (any brand is fine). This permanent solution might make your iPad look unsightly if not done properly, or you can always take the easy way out and get an iPad 2 (if you can find one, that is).

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