Asus motherboard box

If there’s one thing we’re always keen on seeing, it’s the initiatives that manufacturers take in order to go greener. ASUS has recently come up with an idea to allow consumers to easily reuse the cardboard boxes that their motherboards are packaged in. Instead of giving people a regular box and a waste of material that users simply discard of once they’ve unboxed their motherboards, the boxes can be easily turned into a case to house all the parts of the CPU. In the event where a user might not have found the perfect PC case yet, this temporary solution will allow them to use the computer while they keep searching. The cardboard cases are said to work fine for at least a year, so that’s more than enough time for you to save up or look for a permanent case (or another one of these boxes). With the computer cases made out of cardboard, you can count on folks to decorate their own boxes with marker pens and other media. What do you think of these cardboard computer cases?

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