Ben Heck’s 1977 Atari and Xbox 360 merger

Modder extraordinaire Ben Heck has just come up with something that brings together the old and new in a single device – we’re talking about an old school 1977 Atari merged with the Xbox 360 to result in a laptop system of sorts. This custom mod makes it look as though something from the past is yet able to handle all of the newest games based on iconic titles, including Yar’s Revenge and Star Raiders. In his most recent show, Ben actually took viewers through the entire build process, where among them include designing the system with Adobe Illustrator, making sure each piece of the new case is rerouted properly, rewired and connected to the Xbox 360’s components flawlessly. The final build can be called the Xbox 360 1977 Edition system, or is it the Atari 1977 Xbox 360 Edition? One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to purchase this off the shelf at your whim and fancy even though you have a bank account as fat as Bill Gates. [Press Release]

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