British soldiers go green with special solar powered suits

A team of researchers over at the University of Glasgow are developing new suits to make soldiers better and more efficient while on the battlefield. One of the main problems with current soldier equipment is that they need to carry heavy battery packs around with them in order to keep their gadgets and weaponry charged. By using these new suits that pack solar photovoltaic cells and thermoelectric devices, solders can harness the energy of the sun and temperature change between the outside and inside of the soldier’s clothes to power their equipment. This means that soldiers will soon be able to shed their heavy power packs to enable them to run faster and further than before. They also won’t have to frequently return to base in order to recharge their battery packs, so they’ll be able to stay out longer in the field. The thermoelectric cells woven into the fabric of the suits means that energy from the electromagnetic spectrum is absorbed, making soldiers less visible to night vision equipment that use infrared technology. And let’s not forget, making use of renewable energy sources is a thumb up in any environmentalist’s book. The suits are planned to be completed by December, so we can expect them to be in use by next year. Soldiers going green, how about that?

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