Canadians discover anti fog coatingAnyone who is wearing a pair of glasses (or used to, having gone through the wonders of laser surgery for their eyes) will definitely be able to share with you the irritating fog that appears whenever they make the transition from a cold environment to a warm one, such as walking into a heated room during winter, or out from a cold office into the summer sun for your lunch break. This irritant might be a thing of the past if this bunch of Canadians manage to commercialize their discovery across a large scale – we’re talking about researchers from Quebec City’s Universit√© Laval developing what is dubbed to be the world’s first permanent anti-fog coating. A solitary application is touted to work indefinitely on eyeglasses, windshields, camera lenses, or any other transparent glass or plastic surface – sounds like an essential coating for digital cameras, something which professionals would love to have and hopefully, camera companies will not overcharge for this.

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