Digital Storm Black OPS and Special OPS sports new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590

Read all about our NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 review and then you might just make a beeline for the Digital Storm Black OPS and Special OPS gaming desktops, as both of them will offer the option of carrying this spanking new graphics card that intends to blow all of the competition away. More or less two graphics cards on a single, physical board, the GeForce GTX 590 when working in Quad-SLI coupled with a 5.2GHz overclock on the Intel Core i7-2600K processor is capable of crushing just about any benchmark figures, making sure you are able to experience nothing but the best, in the way the game developer wants you to sans choppy frame rates and lagging displays. Imagine hitting a whopping 5760 x 1080 resolution on a single GeForce GTX 590 graphic card – now that’s amazing, courtesy of its three dual-link DVI ports. Of course, such performance and quality isn’t going to come cheap, so you will need to set aside at least $2,500 to take advantage of what Digital Storm has to offer.

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