FacebookIt really looks like Facebook is set to over take the internet. The world’s most popular social network has just released an updated version of their Comments plugin which brings the Facebook commenting system to a whole new level. With the new plugin, site publishers can integrate comments made on Facebook with the comments made on their blogs. This means that users won’t have to leave Facebook to post or respond to other comments that are made on the blog/article if the new Comments plugin has been implemented. The new commenting system will also support moderation and threaded comments. Convenient? Definitely, and we’ll be seeing a lot less of anonymous trolling around, since all comments are linked to a commenter’s profile. Though this could also spell to an end to privacy for people who don’t want their profiles to be linked with their comments. It’s uncertain if this is going to be something that blog publishers will catch on to, but one thing is for certain – expect to see a lot more of Facebook in whatever you do on the web in the future.

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