Firefox logoIf you’re bothered by the slow start-up time of Mozilla’s Firefox internet browser, you have a couple of options – get a faster computer, switch to another browser, or use Start Faster. A Mozilla developer who has previously released hacks to improve the web browser’s start up speeds has launched a new hack called Start Faster. Start Faster installs a service that speeds up the loading of Firefox’s DLL libraries by bypassing the Windows prefetcher (a component of Windows that monitors the start up of a program to speed it up when it is launched again). All you have to do is install the add-on, and run Firefox using the “Faster Firefox” shortcut that comes with it. The service requires Administrator privileges to work though, so if you’re unhappy with the idea of an add-on doing it, you’ll just need to look elsewhere. But if you’re interested in speeding up Firefox, head here to download Start Faster.

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