Games on Sony NGP Will Get Same Day Digital ReleaseGood news physical media haters. SCEE’s bigwig, Andrew House says that digital versions of retail NGP games will be simultaneously released on game launch days – a lesson Sony’s apparently learned from the failure that was the PSP Go. At the launch of the PSP Go, Sony promised same day digital game releases in its PlayStation Store. Instead, digital releases of games such as Phantasy Star Portable 2 were hammered by delays, leaving eagerly awaiting gamers to just give up and buy a UMD copy. As digital distribution plays a larger role in content distribution (just look at Apple’s App Store), it’ll be important for Sony to balance out retail and digital. Sony’s gone on record before stating that there are complicated legalities that keep digital releases from seeing simultaneous releases alongside retail, but we’re hoping Sony’s managed to expedite the process for the NGP. If Sony actually pulls through on its promise of same day digital copy availability — in all global regions, NGP gamers will have plenty to cheer for.

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