Dedicated GPS navigation systems aren’t too popular these days simply because the nature of convergence in devices as well as advances in miniaturization has allowed a GPS chipset to be crammed into something as small as a smartphone, working equally well to boot. Still, Garmin flies the flag for dedicated GPS devices by sending their Garmin nuvi 2575 GPS over to the FCC, from whence we do know that the nuvi 2575 will be accompanied by an analog TV antenna for your mobile TV needs wherever you are, TMC FM traffic data support for real-time traffic updates, an optional Driving Recorder which will see a camera connected to the nuvi 2575, where it will go about recording live video when you drive. The perfect child monitoring tool for parents who cannot bear the thought of their kids growing up. All video can be recorded in high (1280 × 720) and medium (640 × 480) quality settings, and can also be played back on the nuvi 2575 or exported to another device. No idea on its pricing or availability, but having it appear on the FCC means it will hit the markets soon.

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