GeForce Drivers Release 270 Have Arrived

NVIDIA has just released new drivers for its GeForce 400 and 500 Series. Not surprisingly, performance is up, and most games will get performance increases anywhere between 4% and 20% (I’m eyeballing the average to be around 6-8%, according to NVIDIA’s numbers). This is not unusual for a driver release but it’s always appreciable.

Dragon Age 2 and 3D Vision Surround Gaming will be particularly pleased: Dragon Age 2 gets anywhere from 3.6X to 6.2X faster, according to NVIDIA. If you missed it, previews benchmark showed that the game about 2X faster on AMD’s cards. Take the official numbers with a grain of salt, but basically, NVIDIA should be competitive again. The 3D Vision Surround¬† gaming (3 displays, in 3D) also gets a boost with games like COD Black Ops being 300% faster with the GTC 480 SLI. By the way, NVIDIA is dropping the price of its 3D Vision 3D glasses kit to $149.

Finally, the driver now contains a notification update system that will keep you posted about the latest driver releases. Don’t miss our GTX 590 Review and the 560 Ti Review


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