HTC Thunderbolt overclocked to 1.8GHz, kisses battery goodbyeThe HTC Thunderbolt already has an atrocious battery life to begin with, and here is something you might not want to do if you do not want to drain it any faster than it already does. We’re talking about Derek Rodriquez and his kernel known as “unboLTEd 0.2,” where it is capable of hitting 1.8GHz speeds on a mere single core machine. Sounds unreal, right? After all, who would have expected this smartphone to achieve a score of 2772 in Quadrant benchmarking. This kernel has yet to hit the public spheres, and it remains to be seen whether overclocking your Thunderbolt to such performance levels is the wisest thing to do or not. Apart from bragging rights, it isn’t really going to catch on mainstream – what do you think?

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