UNO 24 wristwatch has nothing to do with the classic game

If you ever thought of checking out the entire day at a glance, look not at your calendar in a diary or smartphone – there is the UNO 24 wristwatch instead. This unique conceptual device will feature a precise hour hand that completes one full rotation every 24 hours, and is visually separated into both day and night sections. Where the hand is would correspond to the course taken by the sun, where the morning will see the hand appears above the horizon, while at noon, it will reach the zenith, sinking to the horizon when dusk falls. There is a delicate line at midnight to let you know that the previous day is no more. This timepiece idea was conceived in Germany, and no doubt about it that our German friends have more than enough expertise to churn something like this out from their production lines without much effort.

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