The iPhone 5 Will Use The A5 Processor (Opinion)

There is a great deal of talks about whether or not Apple will use its A5 processor in the upcoming iPhone 5. And while everything is possible until the launch day, I’m certain that Apple will indeed use its A5 processor. Why? Simply because the A5 should be better in every aspect, including performance per Watt. Apple might not provide the specifications of its A5 processor, but the competition (Qualcomm, NVIDIA, TI…) has already shown that it’s possible to build a dual-core processor with much faster graphics, and make it run within the same power envelope than  the previous single-core generation. There is no reason to think that Apple would not be able to do that.

Because the iPad 2 (read our iPad 2 Review) already uses the A5 processor, the software support is practically complete, although there might be low-level drivers and things like that to handle. I’m not sure if the A5 is binary compatible with the A4, but if it is that would make things even simpler.

In the end, the questions comes from the fact that intuitively, many people think that the A5 consumes more power, but I bet that it doesn’t (and it definitely should not). If the iPhone 5 doesn’t come with the A5 processor, I’d be shocked.

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