Israels Iron Dome rolls into actionThe Israeli military has deployed what is known as the first mobile battery of a new antirocket missile defense system today, following a week of heightened tensions between Israel and Gaza. Known as the Iron Dome, this deployment was accelerated due to the escalation of rocket and mortar fire by Gaza militants against southern Israel as well asIsraeli airstrikes on Gaza. This is still largely experimental (or so they say), and is unable to offer 100% protection from approaching rockets. Well, to put it nicely, there isn’t anything that is 100% failsafe in the world these days except for death and taxes, so if the Iron Dome were to pass the 90% mark, we would say that it is darn effective. Taking over 3 years to develop thanks to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., the Iron Dome intends to intercept and destroy rockets using radar-guided missiles, but further operational details were not divulged for security reasons.

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