Despite the world moving forward to a paperless and completely digital future, cash is here to stay (at least for awhile) and so we are subjected to deal with the hassles of handling paper money. If you thought your regular wallet does a good enough job of protecting your cash, think again. iWallet Corp has just announced the upcoming arrival of the world’s safest wallet. Called the iWallet, this high tech wallet is packed with features to make sure what you keep in it stays safe, secure and only accessible by you. Firstly, it features a hard case made from polycarbonate, fiber glass or carbon fiber to ensure what you keep inside won’t get damaged easily. It also keeps your cards safe from any attempts of RFID thievery. The iWallet features a biometric lock – that requires your fingerprint in order to open the wallet. Lastly, you can even pair your wallet with your phone through Bluetooth, so that any separation of the two will result in a loud squeal that should act as a deterrent to a thief trying to steal your wallet or phone. The iWallet is on sale here, with prices starting from $299.99. Watch a BBC video showing off the iWallet after the break:

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