Japanese Gamers are Most Excited for the Sony NGPs Massive Screen

What feature are Japanese gamers most excited for in Sony’s NGP portable gaming handheld? Is it the powerful quad-core processor that can pump out near PlayStation 3-quality graphics? Could it be the much asked for dual-analog sticks? The large generous touchpad on the rear? How about the two cameras? The answer is none of those. An anecdotal survey conducted by popular Japanese game website, Dengeki Online, shows that 67.8% of polled Japanese gamers are excited for the NGP’s gigantic 5-inch touchscreen OLED screen with the 960×544 resolution. What about that touchscreen? It appears only 24.5% lusted care for it. We’d say Nintendo’s got that field covered. While this is merely anecdotal evidence, it’s interesting to hear that Japanese gamers actually don’t mind the fact that the device is so large. Personally, we find the original PSP still too large to be considered a portable, with the Nintendo DS Lite being perfect in size for pocketing, but that’s just us. To be fair, tell us what feature on the NGP you’re looking forward to most?

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