It looks like the honeymoon with the Nintendo 3DS in Japan is already over, while folk in the U.S. are just getting their hands on the glasses-free 3D handheld. Several Japanese blogs are reporting that there is an abundance of used 3DS systems being sold back to stores. Is the 3DS really just a gigantic gimmick? Hard to say. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft says that lots of 3DS units were purchased with the intent of making a quick buck in light of system shortages, but it looks like the plan might have backfired. We’re thinking that along with Ashcraft’s assertion that the 3DS units were bought for resale, that anecdotal evidence that stated some Japanese folk experienced bouts of dizziness after short play time with the 3D effects turned on might also be the culprit. Or maybe the Japanese are just saving all their bucks for the NGP and its big bad 5-inch OLED screen. A month’s worth of evidence isn’t conclusive. We’ll know the 3DS is a flop, if in six months, sales of it stop selling like hotcakes and topping the weekly sales charts. Until then, reports of the 3DS’s early demise are premature.

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