Kinect Games By Rare Only Using 10 15% of Its Power

After winning a BAFTA award for Kinect Sports, Rare, developers of the Banjo Kazooie and and Perfect Dark video game franchises, and most recently the masterminds of the Xbox 360‘s Avatars and Kinect unveiled that they are only tapping 10-15% of Kinect’s technical abilities. This is a most interesting tidbit because Kinect, although still in its infancy has yet to get any hardcore games that aren’t targeted at the casual gamer. Imagine what kind of games we’d be playing if developers pushed Kinect to use 50 or even 80% of its potential. We want to see games like Call of Duty with Kinect integration while using a standard game controller pad. If Rare says the potential is “virtually limitless” then where are the games to back up that claim? Show us games that really take full advantage of Kinect. If this June’s E3 comes and goes without so much as a hardcore Kinect game that really shows off what the camera sensor is capable of, we’ll be greatly disappointed. Look at Sony and its Move combo in SOCOM 4 – it’s not kidding around.

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