Microsoft vs. Apple: App Store trademark episode 2Microsoft has been attempting to block Apple’s trademark claim on “App Store” since January 2011. The company has filed a new document which basically says that App Store is “too generic” to be used as a trademark. To backup its claim, Microsoft has hired Ronald Butters, a linguist that has provided arguments in favor of Microsoft. In the filing, one can read:

“App store” follows an accepted naming paradigm in American English.  We buy shoes at a “shoe store,” toys at a “toy store,” groceries at a “grocery store,” computers at a “computer store,” and so on.  (Butters Decl. ¶ ¶ 31, 34).  These are generic terms – terms that name the  thing itself – and competitors should be free to use them in their store names and to describe their stores (read PDF)

The argument continues for pages, but you see where this is going. All the players are taking this very seriously: Apple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon and their Android “App Store”. To be honest, App Store is a very good brand, so it’s not surprising to see companies fight over it. Ironically, one would argue that “Windows” or “Apple” are extremely generic too Microsoft vs. Apple: App Store trademark episode 2

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