Microsoft touts green credentials of Internet Explorer 9We know that Internet Explorer 9 (IE), with all of its bells and whistles, is still getting trounced by Firefox in terms of total downloads. One thing about Microsoft though – you cannnot discount them from springing a surprise, having put forward power efficiency as another “installation point” for using their Web browser instead of one from their rivals. In fact, Microsoft threw Internet Explorer 9 into the ring with another five popular browsers, getting them to go through the rigors of benchmarking, which will of course, include Microsoft’s very own FishIE Tank graphics acceleration test while skipping Adobe Flash. All these tests will measure just how much juice the system requires while running Windows 7. Needless to say, IE9 came out tops in all those tests, so it is the browser to go if battery life is your concern. We’d take this piece of news with a definite pinch of salt, and would prefer to have an independent panel run their own tests.

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