Navteq Destination Maps announcedNavteq is pretty well known for their navigation maps, and this time around the company has introduced the Navteq Destination Maps – a spanking new mapping product which handles stuff indoors, and not outdoors. This is a paradigm shift, but it might just be what is required to give navigation a shot in the arm, as the software will deliver layout and data for indoor destinations, where among them include gargantuan shopping malls and convention centers. Seems useful for events like CES, and if you ever made your way to Bangkok, Thailand or Manila, Philippines, you would have realized that the shopping malls there are practically mazes. We do hope that there is a version which works for the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul though, as deciphering that labyrinthe requires years of experience and not as a tourist. What the app does is to deliver data points on the location of elevators, escalators, restrooms, fire escapes, entrance/exit doors, and stairs among others. Navteq Destinations will also play nice on cell phones and smartphones, but it will take some work as the developer needs to create an app using the API (that is in beta at the moment). Currently, Destination Maps blankets over 200 of the largest shopping centers in the US and intends to expand it to other locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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