Charge your Nokia phone with this bicycle charger

Bicycle Charger

If you enjoy cycling long distances, and listening to music at the same time, but you only have a mobile phone you might notice your phone constantly running out of juice whenever you need to make phone calls, Well Nokia has a solution to the problem. Instead of having to purchase a brand new bicycle with charging capabilities, Nokia has introduced a bicycle-driven dynamo charger that you can use with any bicycle you own. Just attach the dynamo next to your wheel, and the charging cable to your phone. Unfortunately this only works with Nokia devices so if you’re an iPhone or Android phone user – you’re out of luck. Besides using your phone for music, you can make use of your phone’s GPS without any fear of running out of juice as well. The charger costs about $33 and is on sale now, in Asia, India, Africa and Europe, though I’m sure you can find some way to get it across the shore in the US.

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