Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices only arriving next year?Folks hoping to upgrade to a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device this year might have a problem. According to reports online, the Finnish + Redmond dream team won’t be releasing WP7 phones anytime soon. It’s going to be at least 1 year before the phones will hit the market. The managing director of Nokia India has been quoted as saying that the company won’t be releasing WP7 phones so soon, as they plan to continue selling Symbian phones until the transition between the two operating systems is complete, and that means it could take up to a year before the switch is complete. With Nokia taking their sweet time to release a WP7 handset, it could be a good move, by ensuring that the OS is mature enough by the time they get around to it, but waiting a year until their first handset seems a tad too long. What do you think?

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