Zdenek Kalal (now that’s definitely a name that is hard to guess its spelling!), who is a researcher at the University of Surrey, has conjured what could very well be one of the more advanced vision systems that are known at the moment to mankind. What does it do? Basically, it will turn the task of tracking objects to an entirely new level, letting users choose an object on the fly while having the algorithm get to work almost immediately, tracking it down within seconds. This ability means it can maintain a lock on the object, never mind if it twists, turns and even leaves to return at a later point in time. These “objects” can also double up as air mice if you want to force it to track your digits, so imagine the possibilities of using this to track what your entire staff looks like – it will more or less function as a fully automated security scanner that can recognize faces and grant/deny access based on its database.

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