Oil Cleaning Guard concept gobbles up the black stuff

An oil spill is an environmental disaster for sure no matter what your stance is, so we do wonder whether mankind is ever going to successfully develop a “cure” of sorts against an oil spill. Of course, the best method is always following the adage, “prevention is better than cure”, but what happens when even all the failsafes, er, fail? There’s this conceptual Oil Cleaning Guard that lives up to its namesake, where it intends to not only contain and prevent the spread of oil, it will cleaning up the mess simultaneously. Heck, it will also do its bit to signal birds and fish to stay away from the site thanks to a series of light beams. No idea on who is going to control it or whether it has achieved some level of sentience and is able to function independently, we do know that the system will perform a filtration process onsite by separating the oil from the water. Now to find someone or a company who is willing to develop this and pump in all the R&D dollars…

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