Paul Baran, Internet founding father, passes onPaul Baran, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, has passed on to a better place at the ripe old age of 84, not because someone hacked his Facebook account, but rather unfortunately, due to complications from lung cancer. Just to recap, Baran was an employee of the RAND Corporation in the 1960s, where he managed to come up with the first “packet switching network,” that functions by grouping together data of any kind into different information blocks known as “packets.” These packets can then be transferred from computer to computer, and upon this building block is how the Internet was built. Isn’t it ironic that Baran’s packet switching network concept was so advanced back in his day, that AT&T actually did not want to take up his ideas, claiming that it was impossible to create instead? RIP, Paul, and thank you for the Internet.

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