Samsung 9 series laptops ship with a keylogger?

The Samsung 9 Series might be one of the hottest laptops around right now, but according to some reports online, you shouldn’t rush out to get your hands on one right now. The 9 Series laptop has been reported to ship with a keylogger despite the laptops being brand new. Called StarLogger, this key logging software is normally unnoticed by folk who are unaware, unless they have some sort of program to detect it in the first place.  It hasn’t been confirmed whether this is an isolated incident, or all Samsung Series 9 laptops are affected by this issue but the same keylogger was found when a man purchased another one from another store. While it hasn’t been confirmed if this was due to Samsung or the retailers selling the device, but it definitely isn’t good press for Samsung. And if the keylogger was installed by Samsung – why would they do such a thing? God knows they’ll end up with more logs than they can care to shake a stick at.

UPDATE (10PM): Samsung has confirmed that they installed the keylogger to monitor how their laptops are being used. Read up more about it at Network World. I smell another lawsuit in the works.

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