They say that knowledge is power, but we think it is just potential power – at least until it is applied. Paul Jacobs demonstrated this nugget of wisdom by using mobile technology and Augmented Reality. In a demonstration, he showed off a smartphone which is connected to different picture frames that are centered on Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality SDK. In the demo, a Google Nexus One will work in tandem with P2P technology to do its magic, where the system will rely on image recognition in order to identify various photos. The AR engine is intelligent enough to know what each picture frame is showing, and will match that particular view via the camera. Tapping the display will select it, where the P2P engine automatically swaps the pictures over. There is one downside to all of this though – the displays used must show something different, or else the AR recognition system cannot differentiate between them. This looks set to be a hobbyist topic only, so don’t expect it to hit the market anytime soon.

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