Sony media products experience shortage as prices soarThe triple whammy that Japan received from the earthquake, tsunami and potential nuclear fallout is clearly not done with its repercussions just yet – in fact, one of Sony’s key factories that is located in Sendai (which is near the epicenter), has seen extensive damage and hence closed down. This results in Sony being unable to supply professional media products to the world, with other plants being affected as well to result in a tsunami of shortages. That means the prices that you see for remaining quantities of HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, DVCam, BetaCam SP, Digital Betacam, HDV and even Blu-Ray stock are increasing, as the remnant of alternative suppliers are also under great pressure to meet global demand. Good thing that this is a one-off thing, and it shouldn’t lead you to stock up on professional media products in the future just in case, right?

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