Sprint: all phones to charge and sync through microUSB by 2012Last year, the European Union ordered phone manufacturers to make sure that their phones can all be charged using a microUSB charger – eliminating the need for separate chargers for different devices – an inconvenience that many consumers face at the moment especially if they own phones from different manufacturers. The order fell through, but instead of manufacturers putting microUSB ports on their phones, they included microUSB adaptors with their phones instead. Meanwhile, on this side of the world, Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that it’s going to happen in the US too. According to his prediction, all phones in the US will be using microUSB cables to charge and sync by 2012. While it wasn’t mentioned what made him so sure about his statement, if it does come true it would spell an end to headaches of not being able to charge your phone at a friend’s house because he doesn’t have the same phone as you. Though it’s impossible to see Apple bowing to this standard, especially when non of their mobile devices contain a microUSB port for such purposes. What do you think about Dan Hesse’s statement?

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