Spy video camera looks like a Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth Headset Camcorder

The next time you see someone with a suspicious-looking Bluetooth headset on somebody staring at you – you might be the subject of a hidden camera video. Hammacher has recently released the Bluetooth Headset Camcorder. Looking just like a regular Bluetooth Headset, it hooks around a user’s ear and has a mic that extends forward, and instead of only picking up audio, the camera lens at the end of the mic captures video as well. It records 480p resolution MP4 videos at 30fps and wirelessly transmits them to a paired Android or iPhone. With the touch of a button on the app for the device, you can upload it to Facebook or Youtube – talk about instant coverage. And for those times when there is no need for a video camera, but a hands-free talking device instead, the Bluetooth Headset Camcorder can also function as a regular Bluetooth headset. It has a battery life of up to 4 hours of video recording or 10 hours of talk time. It is available now for $199.95 at the Hammacher Schlemmer store.

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