Tico robotTwo Spanish companies, TreeLogic and Adele Robots, have teamed up to create a guide robot named Tico. With eyes that resemble the lead character in Disney/Pixar’s robot movie, WALL-E, Tico was built to help folks by giving them information and guiding them to their where they want to be. Large supermarkets, airports, tradeshows, and museums are likely places that could make use of Tico’s services. It can also be used in other fields such as taking care of the elderly and as a teacher’s assistant. It has a touch screen for users to interact with, cameras and sensors to detect people and to avoid bumping into objects and it runs Ubuntu 9.10 an Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz processor. These robots don’t come cheap though, so if you’re looking to hire them for your next party at your 10 storey mansion, it’ll set you back $85,000-$141,000 to get one of your own, or $3,500 a day if you only need it temporarily. Hit the break to watch a video of Tico being used as a teach assistant:

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