Turn thoughts to music via a new computer systemBoffins over at the UK intends to give folks who cannot speak a voice – a musical one, to boot, thanks to a new computer system which is capable of transforming thoughts to music This system has been slapped with the name, the brain-computer music interface (BCMI), where it will rely on electrical signals that are sent via the human brain to create music. What started off as a musical project is now a scientific project, where a working prototype is now available. A quartet of icons will flash at different frequencies on the computer monitor, while the patient is seated right in front of a display with an electroencephalograph (EEG) connected to one’s scalp as you can see above. Looking at the light flashing at certain frequencies, faint signals are sent by one’s brain, which are then amplified and inputted into a computer. The computer will then output music algorithms which translate the light frequencies of the icon’s being flashed into recognizable musical processes.

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