Ubisoft shows off Rocksmith at SXSW

At the SXSW event, Ubisoft showed off their latest foray into the world of music-based rhythm games. Called Rocksmith, this game ditches the color coded buttons that you had to hit in games like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero – replacing 5-button guitar controllers with a real electric guitar instead. Designed for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rocksmith is a game for guitar enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner who is starting to pick up the instrument or a seasoned shredder, Rocksmith aims to make use of the guitarist in you. Taking a cue from Rock Band 3, Rocksmith is all about playing real instruments and in this case it’s the guitar. But what sets it apart from Rock Band 3 is that you can plug in any guitar you want. That means you’ll be able to use your very own electric guitar that you’re used to playing with all these years, and eliminates the need for you to spend extra cash on a special guitar to play the game. With licensed songs from The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Nirvana and Interpol, this game has something for everyone. No prices have been announced, but expect the game to hit the stores in the second half of the year. Head here to find out more about the game and to watch a trailer.

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