Under Armour biometric shirt

Under Armour has recently released a high-tech shirt that helps athletes to train for the NFL. It made its debut at the NFL Scouting Combine, and was designed to help players, trainers and NFL staff measure athletic performances. The shirt contains a variety of electronic sensors that are used to measure heart, breathing rates, skin-surface temperature, and force and direction with the use of a triaxial accelerometer. The data is recorded and sent out via Bluetooth, so nobody has to handle a stinky shirt after practice just to collect data, and not to mention it would speed up the whole data collection process. With this data, trainers can tell athletes what they are good at, where they need improvement and so on. Plus it also helps to breed some healthy competition amongst the team, which in turn inspires them to train harder. Watch a video of what the shirt is all about after the break:

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