Valpak Augmented Reality takes coupon promos to a whole new level

junaio AR

Valpak and junaio have just updated the junaio app – that adds a new Augmented Reality feature to bring discounts to customers. When users launch the app, all they have to do is enter the Valpak deals channel and look through the footage being recorded through the camera on the phone. Based on their geo-location (obtained from the GPS), 3D icons will pop up over locations that have some discounts or promos going on. With this app, users don’t sit around and wait for coupons to be emailed to them – they can go around seeking them on their own. A pretty cool way to spread discounts around the world if you ask me, though I’m pretty sure people would rather look at emails than go out searching for deals on the streets. The junaio app is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store or the Android Market. Watch a video of how it works after the break:

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