Web apps crippled in iOS 4.3?Despite iOS 4.3 Safari getting a boost in the JavaScript performance department, it looks like not all websites are being treated fairly. In this case – web apps. It has been reported that web apps that have been saved to the homescreen don’t get to make use of the new Nitro JavaScript Engine despite being launched in the Safari web browser as well. Take note that while the web apps don’t get to utilize the Nitro JavaScript Engine, they do run at the same speeds they ran at in iOS 4.2. Some people say that this is Apple’s way of making developers create apps for their App Store instead of focusing on web apps (that are platform-agnostic and can run on any operating system). Other people believe that this is a legitimate bug that hasn’t been addressed by Apple yet because it is the first version of iOS with the Nitro JavaScript Engine and Apple hasn’t enabled it for all apps besides Safari yet. Either way, it doesn’t look too good and hopefully Apple addresses this issue as soon as possible.

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