Windows Phone 7 not boosting Microsofts mobile market share?

Some disconcerting news has been reported recently. According to some statistics from ComScore, it looks like Windows Phone 7 isn’t helping Microsoft at all in the smartphone war. Microsoft has managed to somehow lose 1.7% of their smartphone shares in the US from October to January – the period when WP7, their latest operating system was introduced. Judging from the statistics, it shows that many people who were on Windows Mobile left the operating system to adopt something else, and the amount of new WP7 users couldn’t make up for the folks who left Microsoft. But some of the reasons for this move could also be because Sprint and Verizon didn’t carry any WP7 devices then (they’ll only sell WP7 phones this year). Let’s not forget, a number of people have chosen to opt out of being and early adopter to wait for the “NoDo” update instead. Since WP7 should be on the CDMA carriers and will have the update by then, we should see a positive change in their market share. Let’s see if the rest of the year picks up for Microsoft.

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