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Yahoo Search Direct

An hour ago, Yahoo launched Yahoo Search Direct a similar feature to Google Instant released in September. It is a very simple concept that requires complex technology at the server level: the search box immediately starts returning results as soon as the user begins to type the query, and it continues to refine the results each time a new letter is added. Additionally, when the cursor is placed in the search box, Yahoo Search Direct displays the trending searches right away.

I tried it briefly with the letter i, having in mind to type the word ” iPad”, I was pleased to see that my query appeared when I typed the second letter, see the series of screen shots in the full article. Tested against Google on a few letters, it returned pretty similar results at the same speed, but most of the time it took 2 letters for Yahoo to return similar results as Google, simply because Yahoo is pushing its services on the first letter, see the second series of screen shots. Check the complete feature list after the jump.

Yahoo Search  Direct tested with the query “iPad”:

Editor’s note: Please note that I was signed out from both Yahoo and Google to perform this test.

Yahoo DS trends

Yahoo Search Direct - when the cursor is placed in the box it displays the trendiest searches

Yahoo DS i1

Yahoo Search Direct - typing the letter i

Google IS i

Google Instant Search - typing the letter i

Yahoo DS ip

Yahoo Search Direct - then typing the letter p

Yahoo DS ipa

Yahoo Search Direct - typing the letter a

Yahoo DS ipad

Yahoo Search Direct - typing the letter d in iPad

Yahoo Direct Search tested against Google with the letter a

Yahoo DS a

Yahoo Search Direct - typing the letter a

Yahoo DS am

Yahoo Search Direct - typing the letter m in am

From the press release, Search Direct Features:

Trending Searches – The moment the cursor hits the search box, top search trends appear and are updated every 10 minutes to display the latest and greatest search trends.

Search Previews – Search Direct predicts the search term as you type, providing the 10 most likely searches. You can then easily scan each option to see the related top results and find the best match for your needs.

Direct Answers – For many common searches, Search Direct provides instant answers before you click the Search button. Find an address or phone number, a three-day weather forecast, financial stock performance, the top trending stories at Yahoo! News, or when and where a movie is playing – all without going to a results page.

Direct Results – When you scan the search options and find the site you need, Search Direct provides exactly that – direct access to the site. No more overwhelming pages of links.

Rich Content – For all top searches about sports, top news stories, and finance, Search Direct displays rich content that only the world’s largest digital media company can provide. For example, type “n” to get the Yahoo! News display, which always shows the top two trending stories.

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