3DS games: Legend of Zelda, Dead or Alive and Cave Story all arriving soon

3DS gamers, it seems the drought of new games isn’t going to end until next month and June. Nintendo’s officially dated three 3DS games that are sure to be must-haves among gamers. The Nintendo 64 remake for the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will land on June 19th. For fighter fans, Dead or Alive: Dimensions kicks into stores in May and Cave Story 3D will make its way to retail on June 28. Nintendo might have said it managed to launch the 3DS with strong sales, but we’ve yet to see it sustain the momentum. Sales for the 3DS are already starting to taper off in Japan and analysts are lowering their expectations for number of units Nintendo will sell. Meanwhile, Capcom announced that it’s sold over 1 million copies of Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, which is a good sign. We’ll see if a fresh lineup of games can rejuvenate the 3DS before it drowns. What are you playing on your 3DS? I’m enjoying Ridge Racer 3D for the millionth time.



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