Acer Iconia Tab W500 arriving soonIt can be safe to assume that the netbook which once looked set to take over the world by storm due to its relatively powerful computing power in a small package is now being threatened into extinction with the advent of tablets, which is a natural evolutionary step in the right direction. Of course, some companies aren’t throwing in the towel just yet and Acer is one of them, offering a tablet-netbook hybrid that intends to bridge the gap. Sporting a 10″ display while running on the Windows 7 operating system and an AMD processor with Radeon HD graphics, this tablet sports a keyboard docking station that lets you make use of the W500 in laptop mode. Already having entered the pre-order status in Germany in March, it is tipped to ship this coming April 14th across the pond, with the US to follow a day later. We do know that B&H is taking orders for the tablet for $549. Not everyone is convinced that tablet hybrids are going to do well, and neither are we – best to stick to what’s tried and tested, and with Windows 7 not being an optimized touchscreen environment, that could run into more issues than originally imagined, too.

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