Scientists in the US have liften the curtains on what they deem to be the first computerized human brain map in the world. Basically, this is an online public resource that was specially developed to accelerate understanding of how the human brain works. Of course, the ultimate goal of this would be to tackle neurological diseases that currently have no cure, such as Alzeimer’s and Parkinson’s. Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, is one of the investors in the $55 million project, calling it the Allen Human Brain Atlas. Capable of identifying up to 1,000 anatomical sites in the human brain as well as receiving the backing of over 100 million data points which will point towards the particular gene expression and underlying biochemistry of each site, this is touted to be the only human brain map to date. Only the male map has been released, and the researchers hope to keep that solitary brain map company by throwing in another 8 more brains before 2012 is over, including female brains. Why can’t they come up with a map for female brains first – is it because it is what we’ve suspected all along, that their minds are far too complicated to map? That would’ve saved many a marriage and relationship, methinks.

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