There is alwas a price to pay for everything in life, that is one inescapable fact for sure. Same goes for the Amazon Wi-Fi Kindle that has seen its price drop to just $114, although the caveat is that it will come with special offers and sponsored screensavers. Yes sir, we’re talking about ads here located on the Kindle screensaver as well as at the bottom of the home screen, but if you think that you have had enough of ads, then you can always pony up just $25 more for the standard Wi-Fi Kindle, or $189 for the Kindle 3G. Currently, this new Kindle known as Kindle with Special Offers can be pre-ordered as it gets ready to ship this coming May 3rd. To get an idea on the kind of ads you’ll be looking at, we’re talking about companies such as Buick, Olay (Procter & Gamble), Visa, and Reward Visa Card (Chase), although we are sure other companies would be quick on the uptake if this program actually takes off successfully. We’ve become so used to ads these days in our browsers, that it is quite a safe bet to say that this Kindle model could do quite well due to our desensitization. [Press Release]

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