Angry Birds Rio pass the 10 million downloads markAngry Birds Rio, the next edition of the mobile device gaming title that actually dominated smartphone platforms last year, has managed to go beyond the 10 million download mark in a matter of just 10 days after it was released. According to Rovio’s Twitter feed, “10 in 10:-) Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all our fans!!!” Of course, being free made reaching that target a whole lot easier and faster, since it dominated the top free and paid apps listings on iOS on its week of release. Of course, this is still 10% of what the original Angry Birds managed to do as of last month – cracking the 100 million downloads mark. Rovio did mention that Nintendo should be worried – from what, a simple game that has no depth, and will most probably never be as endearing or deep as what Mario can offer? Should you see kart racing games associated with Angry Birds or even action platformers, you know that that is nothing but a cheap clone. After all, you won’t hear of kids growing up years from now reminiscing about the day they achieved all three stars across all levels in Angry Birds – no sir, they will let you know of their  Zelda experience in detail with a smile.

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