With the recent nuclear disaster over at Japan due to nature unleashing her destructive forces, even a well prepared nation like Japan with its triple threat “insurance” in its nuclear power plants were unable to envisage the double whammy of an earthquake and a tsunami pounding their facility, hence resulting in a radiation disaster that is most dangerous since Chernobyl in 1986. Well, this has even led to a greater awareness of nuclear power, its use, advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, we recall a restaurant in Taiwan offering a radiation counter so that you can tell whether your sushi is safe to consume or not – going to show just how high paranoia runs among people. Why not bring your own Geiger counter to the next Japanese restaurant you’re at? This DIY project will require some assembly knowledge, using the Arduino chipset to turn it into a low-cost alternative to current devices.

You will be able to get it done with a compatible geiger tube for €95 ($135) or sans one for €30 cheaper.

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