Barcodas converts barcodes into music on the iPhoneOne of the most amazing things about music is that you can pretty much get inspiration from anywhere or anything. If it’s not nature that inspires you or the feeling you get when your crush walks past you – anything can be used to draw inspiration. Well, a developer named Leo van der Veen has decided to draw musical inspiration from something not very conventional – barcodes.

He created an app called Barcodas (a clever play on words I might add) which scans barcodes and then converts them into melodies. It works on any EAN or UPC barcode to come up with the little tune. Each number represents a note, with the lowest note at 1 and the highest at 9. 0 is blank, so you’ll get a pause, and so is the spacing between the lines. You can even adjust the harmonic scale and tempo of the tune with the app’s options, and you can choose to share your favorite barcode tunes on Facebook.

Imagine being able to recognize a product you’re looking at just by listening to the barcode alone. It would make for an interesting new game show. Or drinking game with your buddies. Barcodas is available now from the App Store for $0.99.

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